by Coffin Dragger

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released January 7, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Dyer

Coffin Dragger is-

Gabe Benateau
Liam Bannon
Nick Greeson
Matt Dyer
Skylar Izzard



all rights reserved


Coffin Dragger London, Ontario

London Ontario. Hardcore.

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Track Name: Desperation
When a fire lights the room, it'll all be over soon even though I never wanted this to be. When a fire lights the room, know that I'll be leaving soon, a broken shell of who I used to be.

Among ashes, I struggled through the burning remains. The fucking man I could have been gone up in flames, the fucking man I could have been.

I know I'm not who I once was, but I will make the best of what has come of the flames.
This life's a constant reminder of who I once was, but I will carry on through the remains. I wish I had the chance to go back. I wish I had a chance to make things right.

A fucking fire lingering in the night, your smile's imprinted forever on my fucking mind.

What the fuck more do you want from me? I'm a spit shined image of your mistakes. A look of self regret cast from disgrace. But I'd never think to say it to your face.
Track Name: Fake
I'm staying true to all of my friends. Won't ever be a fake. I'll never pretend. I bet when you're found out you'll fucking choke. And stumble over every lie you spoke.

Fuck you.

You got some nerve the way that you talk shit behind the backs of your friends. You're fucking full of it. I hope you choke on all the lies you spit. You're fucking full of it.
Track Name: Worthless
I like to see the fucking pain in your eyes. Who would have known that i'm the devil in disguise. I'll watch you bleed, i'll watch you fucking die. I wanna watch the light leave your eyes.

Fuck you and everything you stood for. You're lifeless, worthless, left you begging for more. I can't count how many times you stabbed me in the back. I'll take that shit you call a life and watch it fade to black.

I could care less about you.
Track Name: Blindly Follow
I really got no fuckin sympathy, your excuses don't mean shit to me. I see through all the things you claim to be, and you are nothing like me.
Blindly follow x3
stab me in the fucking back, manipulative piece of shit.
I'll dig your fucking grave motherfucker. I'll let the world know you're a piece of shit.
Track Name: Abandoned
Fuck all who have abandoned me, keeping me from being everything I could be. Fuck pills, fuck sleep, fuck my insecurities. They're all a waste of life to me. Fuck all who have abandoned me.
Track Name: Betrayal
you make me feel so fucking empty inside. Wish I could go back in time and forget everything you said to me. Just know you're fucking dead to me.

So I'll sit in denial and pretend it's all okay, while I watch you fucking throw my life away. So stay the fuck away.

I swear to god you destroy my mind, all I am to you's a fucking joke to pass the time. So stay the fuck away.

I get you're scared and misunderstood. I just wish you put your all into the things you could.
Track Name: Liar
I hate the things that you do, and all the lie that you spew. But I can't live without you, and I hate everything about you.

Things that I've learnt, that you had cheated and hurt, and left me stuck in the dirt. Now I hate everything about you.

If I could see we weren't meant to be, I'd throw back every single thing you said to me. Don't need lies and hypocrisy from the person who I thought I could have trusted in.

You lost your fucking chance. I hope you burn for this.